Only a short drive for great savings.

Sauder Furniture store & outlet

Located just north of Archbold Ohio, home of the Sauder family of companies. Come see our showroom today. 

Also don't forget to visit the rest of the Sauder Village Complex; Sauder Historic Village, the Doughbox bakery, The Barn restaurant, or even stay a night at the Sauder Heritage Inn.

Come for the furniture stay for the Experience!

About Us


Sauder Furniture Store & Outlet

 Established in 1978, the Sauder Outlet store brought all the budget friendly furniture to the retail world right here in Archbold Ohio. Sauder Furniture Store & Outlet is able to bring all that our supplier Sauder Woodworking manufactures to its employees, members of this supportive community and now across the whole continental United States. 


Ready-to-Assemble Furniture


We know what you’re thinking — why would anyone want to assemble their furniture?

Well, if a hammer, screwdriver and a little help from us can equate to a lot of benefits for your budget and style, why wouldn’t you?

Ready to assemble now?